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Forney Under 10

Forney is a leading edge company in industrial cleaning. They're known for their cutting fluid that is high in quality and effective. Their tap magic industrial cleaning fluid is no exception. This 4 oz. Version is filled with high-quality industrial cleaning chemicals that can clean up any area in your property. Forney's tap magic fluid is sure to keep you and your property looking great!

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Forney Industries Shoe Handle Wire Brush

Forney Industries Shoe Handle Wire Brush

By Forney Industries

USD $7.49

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Forney's 20857 tap magic industrial pro cutting fluid is a 4-pack of industrial-strength tap magic that'll make your work in the office a breeze. Forney's tap magic isbased on the protection and safety of our workers and is designed to work even when there's not a single beep heard from the machine. Work with forney tap magic tohenough to get the job done right.
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this forney under 10 brush is made of carbon steel with a curved wood handle of 13-34-inch by. It is for use with products that contain carbon steel. The brush is under 10 bristles and the handle is 20 cm in diameter.